Thursday, 1 Oct 2020

Traditional Japanese cuisine



When you visit Japan you will have a great opportunity to try traditional Japanese cuisine! Japanese cuisine it’s not only sushi and rolls, as I previously thought! First of all I recommend you to try grilled octopus 12952835_220833801605645_360647986_oball
s! It looks like small pie with octopus inside. Such food is the best solution for lunch because it’s full of energy, but good for health and without damage to your stomach. There are also egg rolls with fish inside which are very popular! It’s like fast food but tasty and delicious. The egg roll is very soft and the sea fish inside is prepared in absolutely good way.

But be careful! Not all fo12952949_220834938272198_1671112777_ood in Japan you will like! At the same shop where I tried egg rolls I ate “ayu fish”! It’s very small fish, at about one or two centimeters and you should eat it with bones! Believe me it’s better to try to eat it from tail) because tail is possible to swallow without tears but I’m not sure that you can do the same with the head of this poor fish! The taste is very strong! It is sweet, salt and acid at the same moment!

The garnish to meat and fish is also very interesting here! For example, I ate burdock with gingilly! And it is really great! Very fresh and nature dish! It’s like vegetables or roots. I could not imagine that it’s possible to eat burdocks but in Japan it seems that it’s possible to eat everything because they can prepare it in good, very tasty and healthy way!

One of the really tasty thing in Japan and Kyoto especially is sake ice cream! Do not think that I’m alcoholic as all Russians supossed to be!)))) It’s really tasty, fresh and sweet! And you can eat it at any age! Sake ice cream has absolutely new savor! You will love it!12953269_220837944938564_1152217223_o

There are a lot of really unique shops in Kyoto. One of them is candy’s shop with more over 400 years of history! I recommend you to try sweet bean jelly there! It’s something between jam and marmalade! The consistency is little bit harder that’s why it’s possible to add this jelly to diffident cakes and pies! But you can eat it like jam. The taste is really sweet and natural! I’m sure that such sweeties will never add you several kilograms!

In another shop12952943_220835698272122_1419446568_o I tried to eat candy! I love sweets and chocolate so I was sure that I’ll love it! It was my great mistake! Candies are a little bit strange in Japan! It was “kalp and Yuzu flower” as my Japanese friends explained! Such candy looks like stick! But it was made from strong concentrate soy sauce and covered acerbic lemon glaze by my opinion. After your first piece it seems that you are eating poison but don’t worry it’s not dangerous at all!

To sum up, I am sure that everyone will find the best, healthy and delicious food during your travel to Japan, and Fushimi Kyoto especially. Please welcome!

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