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About Us

What is OOKINI?

The International Cultural Exchange “OOKINI” is a Nonprofit Organization for the interaction between foreign exchange students studying in Kyoto and its locals, as well as the preservation and international promotion of Kyoto’s own culture and customs. Established in April, 2015, exciting activities are hosted at our headquarters on a monthly basis.

To see our events so far, please look here. To see promotional entries about Fushimi made by foreign exchange students, please look here.

【Organization Outline】

[Established] April 2015
[Representative] Souji Fujisaki
[Members] Several (Currently recruiting core members. If you are interested in joining, please register for an event and become acquainted with our current members)

[Core Principles]

1. Enterprise of Japanese Cultural Exchange: To hold exhibition events aimed at exchange students and locals for the experience and exchange of Japanese culture.
2. Enterprise of multilingual information promotion: To hold classes about Fushimi’s features and culture for the benefit of exchange students, and for the students to promote Fushimi to the rest of the world in their native languages.

[Now recruiting interested individuals and culture groups!]
We are currently recruiting individuals and groups with an interest in providing foreign exchange students with invaluable experiences in Japan and Japanese culture. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about Kyoto either, and the foreign exchange students are able to write a report in their mother language. We await your contact.

[We are recruiting Universities and Foreign Exchange Student Centers!]
If you are a University, or Foreign Exchange Student Centre that wants to give their students a variety of local Japanese experiences, but are worried that you can’t find teachers or decent opportunities, then please contact us. We operate a service that matches students with the local community, shopping districts and cultural groups. It is not only for the benefit of the students, as they use their native languages to write promotional entries for the program, serving as cross cultural exchange that is very beneficial for the locals.


International Cultural Exchange “OOKINI”
c/o Piers’n’Peers 280 Minamihamacho, Fushimi, Kyoto
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