Saturday, 24 Feb 2024

One Touch on Fushimi Rogaining

Hi there. Today I am going to share with you a town exploration game.  We six people were divided into three groups and asked to find places as many as possible according to the hints provided by the game flyer. Pictures of spots taken were to show the evidence and the corresponding points would be got if correct places were discovered.

It’s really tons of fun especially you team up with your friends or family to explore a new place. At first I thought it would be very much easy because I’ve been here several times before, and these vivid pictures could be of great help to get as many points as possible. It, however, turned out to be such a tedious journey. I teamed with another guy and we began with the Nayamachi Community hall at 10.30 am and were required to return by 12 pm. Even though those colorful circles indicated the rough locations, it took us quite a long time to get to the initial few spots we wanted. After few trials and errors, we got the tricks and then it all became simple and clear to GPS them.

At about 11.30 am, we felt confidently lighthearted after realizing we had got enough points to win. Then we went back to the gathering site and decided to rest till the winning prize came. LOL.

Of course, we won the game, but there were still few places we didn’t discover. What a shame. Through this little nice game, all we know was that no matter how familiar you seemed to be with the neighborhood you are in, it might one day becomes strange to you if you never feel it with your heart. We should not only be familiar with the environment we are in, we should be closely feel it so that we will really related to it.

Also, it’s definitely a wise way to know an area or even a city if such events reach to more people. For foreigners, it will do yourself a favor to really know the city you live.

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