Monday, 20 Sep 2021

Spring in Japan

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Spring is my favorite season in the year! It’s time when nature wakes up from sleep. Spring is a symbol of new life, another chance to find harmony and be happy.

I love traveling and I’ve been to more than 20 countries. Spring is great everywhere but here, in Japan, this season is a magic period. There are one or two weeks in Japan when you can enjoy cherry blossom. This period is called – Hanami, which means flower viewing. It’s Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers.

Sakura blooms all over Japan. But not only the Sakura. For example, in Kyoto you can find one million of different trees with different flowers. I don’t know the names of these trees but I saw that it’s heavenly beauty. The most important thing is that you can find the whole range of trees not only in the parks or botanical gardens as in other countries. Trees and flowers are everywhere. It looks like that trees do not need special care and grow everywhere without any problem. But it’s not true. Sakura is a very choosy tree. Even there is such profession as a Sakura doctor in Japan.

It’s not just a tree for Japanese culture – it is a symbol of new life. The meteorological agency forecasts the cherry blossom front and you can even find a calendar with Hanami period from southern islands of Okinawa to northern islands of Hokkaido. People fulfill parks and gardens and organize cherry blossom parties and picnics! All social networks are full of photos of magical flowers. It’s one of the best period to visit Kyoto and Japan. Next one would be only in autumn.

Sakura means that spring is coming and new life, love and happiness come with it!!!!!


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