Monday, 20 Sep 2021

Wearing Kimono dress

Kimono is traditional Japanese clothes. It is impossible to visit Japan and not try on this unique attire. In Kyoto there are a lot of shops where you just can rent kimono for the short period. Usually these are not very expensive versions of this dress, made from polyester. But the real fans of true beauty can find old traditional shops on Fushimi, where they will be supported by the staff to pick up a really worthwhile outfit. Kimono has a special pattern, which is changing from one season to another. It is usually painted by hand.

In the traditional Japanese dress, there are no buttons. It is tied with various twines and belts. It’s simply impossible to put on the kimono by yourself. It is interesting that the length of the sleeves indicates the age of the woman. The longer the sleeve, the younger the girl. When you put on a kimono, you will feel completely in another world. Movements become smooth, with a mincingly footstep, your back is straight. Wearing traditional Japanese clothes is an art. which is a must try for all tourists.


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