Sunday, 25 Oct 2020

Household goods “Hashimoto Shoten” store

Household goods “Hashimoto Shoten” store is kept by third generation already. This old shop can offer dishes in traditional Japanese style. Here you can find plenty of dishes for rice, cups for green tea, different kinds of teapots and pots for heating traditional Japanese drink – sake. All dishes are made of clay and painted by hand. Traditional dishes are very light and it’s very easy to use it. Each unit is a small work of art. Any woman will be very pleased to have such dishes in her house. In addition, you can buy souvenirs here. And if you are going to visit this shop with a child, be sure that the store owner will give to your child a wonderful toy, made in the traditional Japanese style – origami. With the Hashimoto Shoten store you can make your routine days more colorful and joyful.

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