Thursday, 1 Oct 2020
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Sake Festival

The territory of Fushimi is the territory of sake!   Traditionally famous Sake Festival is held here in spring. Tourists and locals can try different kinds of this traditionally Japanese drink. I was lucky to participate in such an event on March 18, 2017. I tasted the sake of one of the oldest manufacturing companies […]

Candy Store

Many ancient traditional shops are located on Fushimi area. One of the most amazing places is a candy store. For more than 270 years, one Japanese family has passed the work of its life from generation to generation. There is a unique opportunity to participate in the master class from the owner of the shop […]

Wearing Kimono dress

Kimono is traditional Japanese clothes. It is impossible to visit Japan and not try on this unique attire. In Kyoto there are a lot of shops where you just can rent kimono for the short period. Usually these are not very expensive versions of this dress, made from polyester. But the real fans of true […]

Traditional Japanese cuisine

  When you visit Japan you will have a great opportunity to try traditional Japanese cuisine! Japanese cuisine it’s not only sushi and rolls, as I previously thought! First of all I recommend you to try grilled octopus ball s! It looks like small pie with octopus inside. Such food is the best solution for […]

Household goods “Hashimoto Shoten” store

Household goods “Hashimoto Shoten” store is kept by third generation already. This old shop can offer dishes in traditional Japanese style. Here you can find plenty of dishes for rice, cups for green tea, different kinds of teapots and pots for heating traditional Japanese drink – sake. All dishes are made of clay and painted […]


The HASEGAWA BEIKOKUTEN rice store is one of the oldest shops in Kyoto. This store offers  a large number of different types of rice. You will never find this rice in common supermarket. This store offers only the elite kinds of rice. Rice has different deepness of grinding. Rice Grinding procedure takes place directly in […]

Green tea “OOTANI CHAEN” store

Green tea “OOTANI CHAEN” store is one of the oldest stores in Kyoto. Its history lasts more than 70 years. In this store you can find more than 1000 different sorts of green tea starting from the simplest ones till the royal green, which cost is more than 5,000 yen per 100 grams. The owners […]