Saturday, 1 Oct 2022

Sake Festival

The territory of Fushimi is the territory of sake!


Traditionally famous Sake Festival is held here in spring. Tourists and locals can try different kinds of this traditionally Japanese drink. I was lucky to participate in such an event on March 18, 2017. I tasted the sake of one of the oldest manufacturing companies called Yamamoto honke (山本本家). This company with a history of 12 generations, leading its business within the same family for more than 340 years.


All components used to make sake are grown in Fushimi. The basic component of this drink is the pure Fushimi water, which is deservedly considered the cleanest water in Japan. In the center of Fushimi there is a well with water, where the residents and visitors can taste it and take
it for free absolutely!

In addition, I met my old friends-farmers “Nakamura haom” at the festival. Last year I helped them to plant rice also on the territory of Fushimi. As a result I had a chance to taste Japanese rice-sweets: Yomogi Mochi (green rice balls with bean filling), Varabi Mochi (like a jelly) and sweet-salted Age Mochi. All these delicacies are made by hand from natural ingredients and very tasty. I also tried the sake of Kitagavahonke (北川本家) and visit the territory of Saitoszuo (齋藤酒造)plant.


Sake Festival on Fushimi is a holiday of traditional Japanese values, excellent jazz music and good mood! Please come and see it by yourselves.

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