Saturday, 1 Oct 2022

Candy Store

Many ancient traditional shops are located on Fushimi area. One of the most amazing places is a candy store. For more than 270 years, one Japanese family has passed the work of its life from generation to generation. There is a unique opportunity to participate in the master class from the owner of the shop “FUSHIMI SURUGAYA(伏見駿河屋) today. You will learn how to make traditional Japanese sweets – Wagashi.

They are totally different from conventional confectionery. They are prepared exclusively from natural ingredients: rice and bean dough. Each sweet is a work of art, primarily because each cake is made by hand with the skillful fingertips of the master and a piece of the soul that he puts into his creation. Wagashi can be of a different shape and color with a less sweet taste than traditional sweets. They may even seem quite unsweetened for people who are not used to them. The form of Wagashi in this Fushimi shop changes every two weeks and corresponds to the season or holiday. Be sure to go to the sweet shop at Fushimi and try Wagashi while traveling in Kyoto


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