Thursday, 1 Oct 2020


The HASEGAWA BEIKOKUTEN rice store is one of the oldest shops in Kyoto. This store offers  a large number of different types of rice. You will never find this rice in common supermarket. This store offers only the elite kinds of rice.

Rice has different deepness of grinding. Rice Grinding procedure takes place directly in the store, in order to save the high quality of the product. The most interesting type of rice is non-polished rice, which is very useful for health.

For people who suffers from overweight and even just for those who only cares about their health the store keepers will select  the most appropriate and useful type of rice.

In Russia people eat rice not more than once in 2-3 weeks according to statistic. For the Japanese rice is a main part of the daily food. Culture pattern is not the only explanation of that.  Japanese rice differs from that you can find in Russia. Japanese rice has absolutely another taste and completely different texture. It is not surprising that you want to eat rise again and again in Japan. Make a great pleasure for yourself visiting the  HASEGAWA BEIKOKUTEN rice store!

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